Friday, August 22, 2008

Transforming Denver, Colorado (April)

The Capitol

Decorations downtown

We are particularly lucky to have been in the city of Denver for the past week. When we arrived last Sunday, there was not much going on. By Thursday we were hitting mid-day traffic, and today we encountered all sorts of changes. Light posts and buildings are being painted, lights are being put up, people are buying and selling souvenirs, and people are talking. Everywhere. I have heard countless opinions (in passing) about the DNC and the candidates. Everyone seems to be very excited.
We saw some great things today: protesters, the Pepsi Center, the Denver Convention Center, Howard Dean, anti-abortion messages written in chalk on the sidewalks outside the Pepsi Center, and much more.
You are probably wondering where all of the pictures are. We have some great photos. However, I am having some problems with my camera, so check back tomorrow for the photos from the Pepsi Center, protesting, etc.
Here are a few more just to let you all get a bit acquainted with Colorado's capitol city.

Until tomorrow, April Sanchez

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