Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Final Preparations and Sneak Peek - Peter Sebesta

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Once again we started our day with lectures at the Ranger Dome on campus here at Regis University. Today Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) Logistics Panel members Travis Dredd and Cameron Moody spoke about the immense amount of coordination and work that has occurred in Denver for the last year in preparation for this historical event. Moody, DNCC Deputy CEO for Outside the Hall Operations, informed us of the many preparations that have finally been pieced together. From the transportation from Denver International Airport, the coordination of housing the state delegations in more than 17,000 hotel rooms, to the credential and security issues addressed, it seems that Denver is almost ready for the upcoming "organized chaos" arriving this weekend. The transportation department of the DNCC has coordinated an airport "meet and greet" operation, a motor pool consisting of 400 hybrid flex fuel vehicles and a bus system set up with roughly 100 hotels contracted for the Convention. Working with yesterday's speaker and producer Ricky Kirshner, Travis Dredd has been working to coordinate the construction, production, media logistics, and general hall management in the Pepsi Center as well as the DNCC Deputy CEO for inside the hall operations. These two men were well composed, indicative that all the bases seem to be covered as we wait for Monday.

The students from the University of Texas at San Antonio have been honored with VIP passes to the Starz Green Room Event. Tonight Regis University held a reception for the Washington Center Group and Regis Alumni at the Mile High Stadium at Invesco Field. This was a rare opportunity to view the Invesco Stadium where Sen. Barack Obama will give his speech, accepting the democratic nomination. Lucky for us, Regis University had booked this event months in advance and the reservation was not altered after the recent decision for Obama to give his speech at Invesco Field.

Here are some pictures of the Stadium