Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"I see four key battleground states..and TX isn't one of them" (April)

...According to Karl Rove, that is. But it is true. A few months ago, when BOTH Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton came to San Antonio and other Texas cities, it almost seemed for a moment that Texas mattered. Why? Because there were a large amount of delegate spots for Texas compared to the remaining primary elections.
Texas has two types of delegates: PLEDGED- those that are chosen after the primaries and caucuses and the UNPLEDGED- a.k.a. superdelegates.
Some of these delegates were very pro-Hilary. And some of them will not let go too easily. This poses a slight problem for Barack, because he needs her supporters on his side.
What could be the potential impact of these delegates' votes? According to Karl Rove, nothing. Nobody is really paying any attention to this matter, but I think it is certainly interesting.
We met the CEO of the 2008 DNC today. She is a Reverend. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how she integrates faith into her work and I enjoyed how candid she was. Here she is.

Leah Daughtry

More Barack support

Pepsi Center, location of the DNC

Invesco Field, location where Barack Obama will accept the nomination

We are not the only ones in town early

That is all. Feel free to ask any questions, and I will post again around this time tomorrow night!
-April Sanchez

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